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Over on Facebook Di asked some great questions.

  1. Have you been upgraded often?
    • Never!!! I will be a happy cruiser when it happens (I have requested an upgrade once and a room change twice, today was the second time, I doubt I will be lucky).
  2. Do you book a particular level, cabin or class?
    • This is actually quite complicated. As there are several factors involved in how I choose my room. Firstly, suites are almost always out! Too expensive, and for a solo sailer, poor bang for your buck on points. For example, and lets assume a Junior Suite is only 2x more than a balcony stateroom. 7 night cruise, $2,000 for the balcony, $4,000 for the suite. I get 14 Crown & Anchor points for a non suite, so each point cost me $143. For a suite I get 21 points, which is $191/point.  
      So the extra money for a suite is not worth it. Combined with the fact that it's just me, I don't need all that space. 
      Super Mario, Royal Caribbeans most dedicated cruiser, always books interior. After all he reasons, he is never in there, except to sleep and shower. I am not quite like Super Mario, and sometimes I just want to sit in a quite space, watching the ocean go by, so I do like a stateroom with a balcony. But then it comes down to price.
      If an interior room is significantly cheaper than a balcony, I will book the interior. But if the balcony is only a few hundred dollars 💵 more, then I will book that. 
      Finally duration, on longer cruises, or ones that are particularly scenic (Norway, New Zealand, and I imagine Alaska) I will have higher preference for a balcony, but ultimately the dollars rule. I would rather cruise more and have an interior room, rather than a balcony and cruise less. There is no right answer on which class of room to choose, it is 💯 a persons preference balanced against budget. If I had a bottomless budget, it would be a balcony every time, but with budgetary constraints, interior it is. 
  3. What % of discounts do you receive as you climb up the levels to pinnacle?
    • I have no idea. I don't believe it is a % at all. Rather it is a numerical value per day. It only applies to balcony and above staterooms, so no C&A discount for the interior rooms! (this plays into the price difference, as I level up the difference gets less).
      Ultimately it feels like I am only saving a few hundred dollars, and that's on longer cruises, at my current level. It is a good question and I will see if I can get the low down, so I can give a better answer.

Thanks for the questions Di, if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, or contact me through Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram.

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Reservation schmesaration!

News Flash - Your reservation is almost meaningless. 

Photo by Oko_SwanOmurphy/iStock / Getty Images

If anything this year of cruising with Royal Caribbean has taught me, your reservation is almost meaningless . 

From shows, to dining, excursions, your room, ports of call, to even the whole cruise. Royal Caribbean can and will cancel your reservation for what ever operational reason they have at their disposal. They don’t do this out of vindictiveness or a desire to mess with their guests. I’m sure they would love to honour all reservations.

But things on board change. It could be weather related, infection control, lack of staffing, lack of supplies, or some other operational issue. 

What happens when something is cancelled? 

If you paid, your money will be fully refunded. (This is different to if you cancel, in that case they keep some of or all of the money 👋 💰. I’m not sure what the difference is 🤨, but there it is).

Sometime though the left and right hands don’t know what they are doing so a visit to Guest Services may be required to get the refund.  

In the case of cruises, RCI will offer some form of compensation (often a choice) that they deem somewhat appropriate. There is almost no arguing, discussion, emails, pleas, threats from lawyers or anything that will fix or change this. This is the situation. So deal with it. 

What can you do? 

I suggest a zen Buddhist approach.   Leaf 🍃 on the river. You can get angry 😡, rant and rave, 🤯 and all you are doing is risking heart attack and at best getting apologies 🙏🏽.    

Photo by dam_point/iStock / Getty Images

I know it’s infuriating. But there's a 99.99999% that the poor person you are talking to is not responsible. Walk away, breath, reassess and find the positives in the cancellation. Money saved, sunset can be seen now. Less solar damage to your skin, whatever it is. Just know that you will likely experience a cancellation, or 2, or a dozen with Royal Caribbean (Personally I’m at 4 various cancellations in 6 months, and I'm fairly concerned that I will have another whole cruise cancellation or 2 over the next 12 months). 

Ultimately you will have 2 choices. Keep cruising with Royal and, when they are thrown, roll with the punches. Or quit Royal and find another cruise line. (Not that I know if they are any better or worse).   

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FAQ - What do I do onboard?
Explorer Seattle - Seattle 2017 Champions

Explorer Seattle - Seattle 2017 Champions

One of the most common questions I get from those who I meet is, "What do you do all day?" I have a few answers for that, but one of my favourite things to do onboard is trivia. Basically Royal Caribbean is a non stop triviathon. 

And then they have the big trivia competition. The Progressive Trivia. The big glorious trivia competition where the prizes are next to meaningless trinkets and if you are lucky terrible champagne. 

Opening 2017/18 Australian Season Champions on board Ovation of the Seas

Opening 2017/18 Australian Season Champions on board Ovation of the Seas

Honestly I don't know if the prizes are worth the heartache. Actually let's be honest, they aren't. But winning progressive trivia has let me meet some fabulous folk, (and I will not insert anything saying that is a pretty sweet prize because that would just be corny and 🤮). But I have enjoyed meeting and playing with these guys and gals.