All Ye Abandon Hope! (at least if I am on board).

I only remarked to a fellow passenger the other day how remarkable it was that there had been no medical evacuations on board. Well guess who spoke too soon. Today we had to blow off our stop at Mystery Island and make full fart (our Captain is Norwegian; look it up) for Lifou, New Caledonia.  Interestingly this is our next port of call, and even though we will arrive 14 or so hours early, with the exception of the medevacuee the rest of us have to stay on board while the ship goes off and putters around the Pacific for the night only to pull back into Lifou tomorrow morning.

Apparently this decision has been made by New Caledonian authorities, I don't quite understand why they wouldn't want the possibility of several thousand people coming to town for dinner and other activities. It seems to me that they just kissed goodbye to 100's of thousands of dollars 💵. (should I use more emoji in my posts?).

Anyway that's 4 medevacs from 8 cruises, am I the bad luck omen? Or are other cruisers getting similar sort of ratio of medevacs to cruises taken? Let me know.