What happens when you do back to back cruises?

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So you have chosen to do a back to back (B2B) or as Royal Caribbean will call you, be a consecutive cruiser. 🤩 More cruising!

So how does back to back cruising work? I have now done 4 back to back cruises, so my experience compared to some is quite limited. But for now the procedures have been pretty much the same across two ships, Serenade and the Explorer

At some stage during your first cruise, you will receive a letter outlining the procedures for consecutive cruisers, you will also be invited to a meeting (so far that has always been in the Star Lounge), where you will be basically be told exactly the same information that is in the letter. However this is a good time to ask any questions you might have, and discuss the process with various department heads. You will also have a chance to modify your dining time, or just confirm it.

On arrival in your first cruise final port, you will head down to the Star Lounge and assemble wth other B2B guests. Pastries, muffins, tea and coffee are provided. You will then receive your new sea pass card. At some stage you will file out of the Star Lounge and "disembark" the ship (on 3 of 4 cruises, this has just meant returning to the Star Lounge, in Sydney we actually did have to disembark). 

If you wish to disembark and visit the port you can do so, but you will not be permitted to re board until the designated time. Fortunately you will be give an in transit card and you can skip most of the queue to get back on the ship. 

One huge advantage the B2B cruisers have is early access to their rooms, even if you are changing rooms. You are encouraged to keep coming and going to a minimum during the "lockout" period.  Another benefit, you don't have to complete check-in, print luggage tags or the set sail documents. 

If you are moving rooms, your stateroom attendant will brief your new attendant (I even had my preferred pillow transferred to my new room, at the attendants initiative). Bags should be packed, left and left in your room, clothes hanging in the closet will be moved for you. 

Of course this has only been the procedure on 2 ships, and if I have learnt anything about sailing with Royal Caribbean, different ships sometimes have different procedures.

Let me know if you have any questions.