Brisbane - Port Review

or as most of the Aussies say, "nothing to see here, stay on board!"

This morning we sailed into the beautiful port of Brisbane, but as we are a larger ship (exceeding 270m and too tall to sail under Gateway Bridge) we are unable to berth at Portside Wharf, so instead we are berthed at the Port of Brisbane located at Fishermans Island. A charming little port with spectacular views of Moreton Bay. 

I should be honest here, I have been to Brisbane enough times that I don't really need to get off the ship. And judging by the numbers still on board (I have never seen so many people stay on board a ship in port) many others think similarly. 

But good news...

Brisbane has finally decided to build a terminal which can accomodate some of the worlds larger cruise ships. Quite frankly this can't be soon enough for Brisbane, with more and more larger ships being built Brisbane needs facilities to accomodate them, closer to the heart of town. Maybe in a few years, more people will get off the ship and enjoy the sights of Brisbane and it's surrounds.

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