The Atlantic

I really wanted to begin this story with some sort of chronology. But time be damned! I have to record yesterdays memories before they become like the very thing I experienced, ie foggy.
When I imagine the Atlantic I imagine storms, giant waves, fisherman fighting the elements, u-boats hunting Allied convoys, the Mary Celeste, and of course the Titanic. 
Yesterday was something I have never experienced. The Atlantic was calm, the surface just a few ripples, with near to no swell, and the fog surrounding us was like something out a of a mystery movie. Oppressive and impenetrable. It seemed 20 meters away at all times. The Serenade of the Seas sounded the fog horn every few minutes, the huge thundering bellow was the only sound out on deck. 
It was very easy to imagine these were the conditions that the Titanic, the Mary Celeste encountered on their crossings. And with no desire to end up in the icy waters of the Atlantic, the same conditions that Allied convoys would hope for to hide from German u-boats