Alpha Alpha Alpha

During your cruise you grow accustom to the chirping of the ships intercom, welcoming passengers aboard, spruiking possibilities to spend/lose money, the daily midday briefing from the captain (which is a whole other post), and so on. Occasionally you hear the NATO alphabet. 

Last night, the code for a medical emergency, “Alpha Alpha Alpha” went out over the system, followed by the location of the event, deck number, room or venue, port or starboard. It’s the ships equivalent of an ambulance siren.

This morning we all woke up to find the ship had increased speed and our direction had changed, we are heading to St John’s, Newfoundland. Yay! But we won’t be able to disembark. Boo!

The cause of our change in direction and speed, one of our senior passengers has had a massive heart attack. We are currently on the edge of the Canadian Coast Guards helicopter range. But apparently his condition is so delicate that subjecting him to a helicopter medevac is not the recommended course of action. So here we are steaming at around 24 knots for Newfoundland, a man whose life is in the balance and his wife have an excruciating wait while we spend the day travelling a mere 214km from when I write this.

i can not imagine the anguish and stress the patient, his family or even the medical crew keeping him alive are going through. Meanwhile the rest of ship guests drink cocktails, plays trivia, and enjoys the ships entertainment. What a cruel position to be in.  

Heading to St John’s

Heading to St John’s