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Mink Viking Photo Studios

The Atlantic aboard the Serenade of the Seas last European ports were in Iceland, Reykjavik and Akureyi. Unfortunately I didn’t fully think through what my activities at either port would be, and so I ended up just roaming around both towns for a bit. Fortunately this lead to one of the great moments in Iceland. A photo session at Minks Viking photo studio. I was also very fortunate to find that they had time for me. 

I can honestly say that getting fully decked out in viking replica armour and weapons was incredibly fun, and I certainly felt industuctible. If you find yourself with some time in Reykjavik and you want a  reasonably unique souvenir from your Nordic travels I would encourage you to go and spend an hour at Minks. Probably best to make an appointment before you get there. Sure a walk-in might be possible. But don’t take the chance.